Preventative Maintenance

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Due to its constant exposure to heat, cold, ultraviolet radiation, rain, snow, hail, high winds and/or mechanical damage, a roof can be the most vulnerable components of a home's exterior.

The roofing system is a critical asset in the overall home envelope, and should be treated as such. Identifying and correcting potential problems early is paramount to ensuring that small problems do not become major issues. A thorough and consistent maintenance schedule will not only extend the life of the roofing system and lower life cycle and replacement costs, but will help protect other home components as well.

  • Keep the roof surface clean from leaves, pine needles, twigs, accumulated dirt and other debris, which tends to accumulate at and clog gutters.
  • Check the home's exterior for settlement or movement. Cracks in the walls are a warning of possible cracks in the roof substrate and flashing.
  • Check for signs of algae, mold, mildew or other plant growth on the roof, particularly in shaded areas.

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